Amsterdam eStick FAQs


What Is An eStick?

An eStick is an electronic device that replicates the traditional cigarette without the tobacco, tar, and smoke found in traditional cigarettes. It bears the same physical sensation we all know and love as well as the appearance of exhaling. Some eSticks can be enjoyed with nicotine and some without.

Can I smoke my eStick anywhere?

The eStick produces water vapor instead of burning tobacco.It is odorless which means your hair and clothes won’t smell anymore. The vapor disappears in seconds, so you no longer get frowned upon for exposing others to second hand smoke. The eStick can be enjoyed on the go, at home, in your car and even at the bar!

Will the Amsterdam eStick help me quit smoking?

There have been claims that the eStick has helped people quit smoking, however we do not support or deny these claims. eSticks are considered a safer alternative to traditional Cigarettes.

Who can purchase an Amsterdam eStick?

You must be of legal smoking age (18-21) in your state or province to purchase and use this product.

Are all Amsterdam eSticks refillable with e-Juice?

Yes, all eSticks are refillable with e-Juice.

How long does an  eStick filled atomizer last?

Generally a cartridge refill will last several hours up to a few days. This all depends on the amount of traditional cigarettes you would normally consume.

Should I charge the battery before I using my eStick?

Charging the battery for 3 to 4 hours is always a good idea before using the eStick. This will allow for longer battery use in the future. Batteries should last for 8 to 24 hours, depending how much you use it in a day.

How much vapor does your Amsterdam e-Liquid produce?

Amsterdam e-Liquid produces high amounts of vapor. The amount of vapor created is a direct result of the dual coil atomizer, the Amsterdam e-Liquid, and the battery combined. For best results and full vapor, it is always recommended to use an Amsterdam e-Stick and Amsterdam e-Liquid on a fully charged battery.

How do I refill the cartridge of my Juicy! eStick, and how many times can I refill my cartridges?

Just unscrew the Juicy! Atomizer at the mouth piece and slowly fill the Atomizer tank until it is at 2ml. Then secure the tank flush against the bottom of the mouth piece and screw it back on. For more in depth information please see our How to Video or the text version here

How many Amsterdam e-Liquid refills can I get out of a bottle of your e-Liquid?

A standard 30ml bottle should last 15 to 20 fills depending on the amount you use your Amsterdam eStick.


Shelf life and Storage

How should I store my Amsterdam e-Liquid?

You’re Amsterdam e-Liquid should always be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Exposure to sunlight in excess can cause discoloration and damage to the Amsterdam e-Liquid.

What is the shelf life of Amsterdam e-Liquid?

The shelf life of Amsterdam e-Liquid is approximately 12 months if stored properly in a cool, dark, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

My Amsterdam e-Liquid has changed in color since I’ve ordered it. Is it still safe to use?

The discoloration is most likely due to storage of your Juicy! eJuice and can still be used. Be sure to store your eJuice in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark and dry place.



How long after you receive my Juicy! eJuice order do you ship?

Your Amsterdam order should arrive within 5 to 10 business days, depending on where you live.

How can I find out if my Amsterdam e-Liquid order is shipped?

Amsterdam e-Liquid will forward a confirmation email you as soon as your order has been shipped. Checking the status of your order can be done by logging into your Amsterdam e-Liquid account.


Additional Info

I would like Amsterdam e-Liquid to keep me updated on any new and exciting products. How do I do that?

Once you have submitted your email via your account we will keep you notified of any new and exciting products! Please sign up for our newsletter.